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About The Mindful & Messy Podcast

The Mindful & Messy Podcast is a space about sharing and connecting over the growing pains and learning curves of modern life.


In early 2020 the world went into various stages of lockdown, for the first time in our lifetimes the world was forced to stand still. For many of us it seemed as if our repressed thoughts and emotions from constantly being in the rat race of life caught up with us. This podcast was born from that space of reflection and introspection into my own life and the lives of the people around me trying to grapple with what all of this meant for our futures as individuals and as a collective.

Mindful & Messy Meaning

Even with the best intentions to be mindful, life gets messy and we live in a culture of binaries that is reluctant to make space for that when truthfully, real life is lived in many grey areas. We’re continuously failing and succeeding at navigating our way through life as best as we can. The Mindful & Messy Podcast is about honouring the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of our humanity while making space to reflect on how the topics raised may relate to our own lives. It’s important to have more spaces that are not about analysing, labelling and prescribing fixes but spaces that are about connecting and relating to one another. Our life experiences individually and collectively are so unique and important because they show us we're all dealing with the same things at the end of the day.

Winging It Together

I think of the moments when I feel most seen and heard, it’s usually when I’m sharing something with loved ones. Realisations in a deep conversation with a colleague or sharing something meaningful in celebration or sorrow with the trusted people around me. Sometimes you’re going through a tough time but you don't know how to speak up or even articulate how you feel until you speak to a friend or read it somewhere or hear it in a song and those moments can be life changing.


We have much to gain from building relationships where we can speak openly and with vulnerability to each other. There’s beauty in togetherness, in living with and alongside each other as people who are supporting each other through different yet similar experiences.

Realising you may also be struggling with your self-esteem, learning to grow our intuitions and accepting the difficult parts of our lives that are frustrating but don’t have an easy fix. 

These are all normal parts of life but we often suffer in silence and isolation, by speaking up and sharing more with the people around us, we honour our own humanity and contribute to a culture of connectedness and healthy communication.

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Behind The Mic

Mihlali ‘Mimi’ Mbobo is a freelance writer and voice artist living in Cape Town, South Africa.

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